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Hi, my name is Damodara S. Welcome to ProductVeritas hub.

ReviewsDomain is my brainchild and is taken care by a team of three professionals who have experience in digital marketing. We have 12 years of digital marketing experience and expertise.

ProductVeritas hub is dedicated to providing information for digital entrepreneurs with multiple resources and tools for the community.

About Us

The ProductVeritas.com was born in 2020 to create revolution in providing product reviews for digital marketing entrepreneurs. It’s designed to provide buyers with real and honest product reviews.

We maintain 100% accurate product reviews, have user-friendly interface and provide better customer support. Also, we share our expert advice on affiliate marketing, blogging, email marketing, organic and paid traffic resources, product creation, and coaching/mentoring.

Our goal is to help readers find the right courses, digital marketing products and provide them with resources they need to succeed in online marketing.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to simplify present product review process as much as possible. It will help readers, especially digital marketing entrepreneurs; stay updated with genuine products in the marketplace.

We are on a mission to inspire and motivate fellow entrepreneurs to become successful on their digital marketing journey. So, they can focus on the most critical aspects while gaining skills and resources they need to succeed.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to serving our readers by keepig them updated with the latest reviews and updates. In addition, we plan to provide them with tips to improve their lives. In short, we are here to make product reviews informative and interesting.

Our Values

We are team of three professionals and active digital marketers from Singapore. Our mission is to help our audiences through clear & to-the-point advice, tips, and tricks. Our top priority is to make it as easy as possible to find what you are looking for.

  • Our Features

  • User-friendly interface

  • Affiliate Marketing Training

  • Digital Marketing Tips

  • Accurate product reviews

  • Fast & reponsive customer support

  • What We Cover

  • Affiliate Marketinge

  • Blogging

  • Email Marketing

  • Organic & Paid Traffic Resources

  • Product Creation

  • Coaching/Mentoring

  • We also provide expert advice on several topics. That will help our readers answers to their pressing questions on digital marketing.

    About Me

    I’m Damodara S from Singapore. I started doing digital marketin in 2010 on part-time basis when I was still working. Unfortunately, there wasn’t honest product reviews portal at that time. As a result, I had to spend money & time on couple of courses that didn’t help me.

    This experience has inspired me to start ProductVeritas.com hub. I wanted to create a platform where people find accurate product reviews. I am happy to say that I have helped hundreds of digital marketing entrepreneurs save their time and money providing them with honest opinions.P

    These days I’m focusing on helping digital entrepreneurs with their online marketing efforts. So if you are looking for accurate and up-to-date information on digital marketing tools and strategies, you have come to the right place.

    Let us connect and grow together.

    Thanks you for visiting ProductVeritas.com!


    Damodara S

    Founder and Digital Entrepreneur.